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Career Motivation Survey - Whitepaper

Career Motivation Survey - Whitepaper

We have launched a whitepaper as part of a study conducted online by 899 professionals who have worked within marketing, digital and creative in Europe during the summer of 2013. Its purpose is to give a better understanding of what motivates talent in their professional lives, and to grasp what their managers and recruiters use to help drive talent motivation. The results allow us to identify if there are any misunderstandings between them to help them work better together.

The results of the study reveal that the criteria of job satisfaction changes as you negotiate a contract or when you are well established in your role.

When choosing a job or an assignment the salary is the decisive criteria for 98% of professionals. The results indicate that at these key moments in their career talent anticipate a need for autonomy in their future job (flexibility of working hours and ability to work remotely for example and also the opportunity to progress international opportunities, building the reputation of the company, training etc.) Once in office however these concepts will weigh very little in professional motivation (except the need to learn).

When taking a new job, job satisfaction comes from the ability to quickly get results. It's about having a quick overview of projects to be able to identify strategic and operational aspects, and to be quickly integrated into the project team.

In office talent attribute their job satisfaction (73%) more to the interest of their work than salary and financial benefits (56%). Followed by the professional recognition of qualifications (50%), responsibilities (50%) and learning new techniques (42%). Comfort criteria at work (location of the company canteen for example) are less critical.

The study also revealed a hunger for learning new techniques and skills for more than 40% of professionals. While the technologies and marketing practices are evolving constantly and rapidly, talent are aware that they need to learn continuously to develop new expertise and remain at a competitive level.

Finally, the study reveals that 80% of managers and recruiters have planned to recruit at least one talent in the next six months. But because work has a personal development factor for 3 out of 4 talent, how can recruiters ensure they have the right motivation levers in place to recruit and retain the best?

Mike Berry, Regional Manager of Aquent UK says, "The Battle of the innovation is primarily a war for talent. It is therefore vital for companies that want to perform to identify, attract and retain the best skills and profiles available."

The full results of the study come with 7 practical tips for recruitment and are available free to download here


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