The aim of the event was to give creative talent a chance to have a one-to-one portfolio critique, gain industry advice, and have an opportunity to ask questions directly to leading creative industry experts such as:

Neil Elliott                 - Head of Trends & Insights, Avery Dennison
James Bruce            - Head of Creative, Disney Interactive EMEA
Will Aslett                 - Lead Digital Creative, The Good Agency
Mike Reid                 - Head of Design, Havas Worldwide
Tim Shearing            - Head of Design, The Telegraph
Les Hughes              - Managing Partner, Steel London
Emma Sexton          - Director, SheSays

Watch highlights from the day and listen to Will Alsett from The Good Agency explain why Portfolio Reviews are important to keep you competitive in the creative industry and to help keep your portfolio of work fresh and relevant.

Our next event in association with SheSays is on
 23rd January 2014 from 4 - 8pm at our London office. This will be followed by a chance to network and socialise at our New Year Party from 8 - 10pm.

Sounds cool, right? Interested in attending? Reserve your chance to have a one-to-one with up to three creative experts here.

The talent walked away with heaps of knowledge from our recent Creative Portfolio Review. They gave us some insight on what they learned, and we would like to share it with you.

20 things to consider that give your Creative Portfolio the Wow Factor:

  1. When presenting your work, describe your involvement in the entire project.

  2. You don’t need to become a niche designer to get work.

  3. Condense work down and showcase only your best work. Focus on dynamic and informative pieces.

  4. What is your USP? Learn how to sell yourself.

  5. Focus on the language used to describe the projects you have worked on.

  6. Don’t be negative about your work. Keep persevering and be positive.

  7. Personalise your website. Brand yourself.

  8. Make sure your portfolio is in perfect condition.

  9. Have separate portfolios for distinct skill sets.

  10. Attention to detail matters.

  11. Show where you got your inspiration for projects.

  12. Showcase illustrative work in branding concepts and in examples of design.

  13. Tailor your portfolio for the job you want to apply for.

  14. Make your portfolio clear and direct.

  15. Make relevant projects pop.

  16. Show more of background ideas and the development of concepts.

  17. Always have more work ready to show, just in case.

  18. It's OK to ask in advance what the client wants to see.

  19. Make sure your work is original and your own.

  20. Additional to a portfolio, smart presentation along with a smile goes a long way.