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There have been numerous studies on how long recruiters and employers spend looking at CVs. 20-30 seconds are enough to gauge initial interest. Sadly that means that the selection process is critically dependent on the ROI, Layout, Language of your CV. So have put together 5 simple steps to get you started.

1. Contact details -  Start with your name and contact details. If you’re a designer or a creative, CVs look great designed up. Maybe add a logo or identity with a colour scheme that runs through into the portfolio. Not too much, but enough to show your design eye.
2. Personal Profile - This should be 3 or 4 lines, summarising your CV. where you have worked in the past, what your key skill sets are, what clients you have worked on. What you are looking for in your future role and maybe an interesting fact about you,  i.e I’ve written a book. Remember a CV is a sales tool!
3. Experience - Your CV should not be more than 2 pages long - Whether you have 2 years or 10 years experience. The experience should be bullet pointed. Cut out any repetition.
4. Qualifications

5. Education
Today we want to focus on Return on Investment
When a future employer looks at a CV what they are looking for how you can add value. What value did you bring to the last role you were in?  Your CV needs to tell them what they can expect if they employ you, more importantly what can YOU do that others can't.  

What are your best achievements and more importantly how did you achieve those successes? Employers want the story behind your thinking and the strategy you adopted to achieve your goals. They want to know the tools you used to measure that success. Try to quantify everything you mention, using percentages. This gives them a picture of your development into your role and the time it takes you to understand the business goals and produce results. Showing them these project timelines and percentages builds a clear picture of what a future employer can expect when they employ you.

Remember the employer will be benchmarking your CV against others.  
We are more than happy to give you one to one advice to help rewrite your CV for jobs we advertise that you really want. It’s really worth spending that extra day to get it right and ultimately get that job!


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