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Digital Marketing, Customer Experience, and Data Visualization: What We’re Reading 6.13.2014

By Steve Singer

Digital Marketing, Customer Experience, and Data Visualization: What We’re Reading 6.13.2014

Here’s your weekly sampler of interesting stuff that we’ve come across in the past week. If there's something we've missed, share it in the comments!

The seven habits of highly effective digital enterprises

According to this article from the folks at McKinsey, “The age of experimentation with digital is over.” Nevertheless, they go on to say, many organizations continue to struggle with turning their “digital agendas into new business and operating models.” To help the strugglers along, McKinsey offers a series of tips on how to get things right. The first, intriguingly, is: Be unreasonably aspirational!

Consumerization set to revolutionize healthcare

If you’re a UX professional, and have visited a doctor’s office, you’ve probably experienced a bit of dissonance—the doctor’s office seems to be one of the few places nowadays that totally disregards customer experience. That is all about to change given the rapidly accelerating trend toward consumerization of healthcare. And this change brings with it huge untapped opportunities for design, marketing, and user experience practitioners to influence the way people “consume” healthcare.

See your dream home virtually

Lowe’s Home Improvement made a digital and viral marketing splash in the do-it-yourself segment with theirseries of vine videos. Well, it looks like they’re about to upend our notions again with an in-store virtual reality installation they’re calling, “Holoroom.” Like the holodeck on the Starship Enterprise, “Holoroom” will allow lucky Canadians (Canadian Lowe’s stores playing host to the initial roll-out) to see what rooms would look like with new paint, appliances, or countertops. Imagine this technology finding its way into other brick-and-mortar locations showing, for example, what those new jeans or hair style will look like!

Visualizing MBTA data

Aquent’s corporate offices are located in Boston, so this find holds special interest for us (MBTA = Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, in other words, the folks who run our subway, bus, and commuter rail services). Some students over at MIT used subway data from the MBTA to illustrate what data visualization could tell us about how the system works and how people use it. Are you trying to tell stories with data? Check this out for inspiration!

Weird things business people do on Twitter

We hope that as a professional you already have a solid understanding of how to use Twitter to your advantage, but in case you don’t, the author of this post, Jay Acunzo, trains a humorous microscope on some of the odd behaviors that Twitter produces. He even includes some helpful cartoons showing what Twitter behaviors would look like acted out IRL. (By the way, if you missed it, Jay presented a webcast on effective content marketing for us back in March!)

Bonus: Don’t Forget Father’s Day!

This Sunday, June 15th is Father’s Day. As a design and marketing professional, you probably didn’t need us to tell you that, but in case you’re still looking for gift ideas for the dad in your life, here aresome presents that may fit his design sensibilities (of course, if you’re really stuck for an idea, there’s this).

Creative Commons Image Source: Peter Werkman

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