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First Ever Aquent Podcast: Talking About Creative Briefs

First Ever Aquent Podcast: Talking About Creative Briefs image
First Ever Aquent Podcast: Talking About Creative Briefs

Following last week's AMA webcast, Successful Creative Briefs: Linking Business Objectives and Creative Strategies, sponsored by Aquent, we convened a virtual roundtable to continue the discussion of best practices in producing effective creative briefs.

Our panelists were: Andy Epstein - Director of Graphic Design and Print Production at BMS Studio, the in-house design agency at Bristol-Myers Squibb David Haskell - Senior Writer at Digitas, a leading interactive and direct marketing agency Michael Hunter- Marketing Director for Whirlpool's KitchenAid brand Sheri L. Koetting - Principal/co-founder of MSLK, an award-winning graphic design agency.

I moderated the discussion, which lasted a little over half an hour. For your listening convenience, I split the entire thing into three parts as noted below.

Part 1 - Best Practices: Thoughts on Putting Together Great Creative Briefs

Part 2 - What Creative Briefs Can (and Can't) Do

Part 3 - Using Creative Briefs to Manage the Creative Development Process

Please feel free to share all comments and criticisms with me, Matthew Grant!


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