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Flexible Work Practices... How Important Are They To You?

Flexible Work Practices... How Important Are They To You? image
Flexible Work Practices... How Important Are They To You?

Many of us talk about how great it would be to have more flexibility in our work. Perhaps the ability to have a rostered day off every two weeks, to be able to work from home every now and then, or maybe even the option of getting into the office at midday and then working through till 8pm or 9pm – giving you a better work/life balance.

Aquent published its 2008-2009 Aquent Orange Book, the most comprehensive international salary survey for the marketing, communications and creative industries. One of the key findings in this report was that flexible work practices was the Number 1 retention strategy implemented by those businesses surveyed across Australia and New Zealand.

Clearly employers place a huge emphasis on flexible work practices, but what is the attitude of employeestowards this relatively recent organisational phenomenon? I will try not to let the fact that I am actually writing this blog entry while working from home sway my personal opinion!

Have you ever stopped to think that being given more freedom in your working hours, or in general more flexibility at work could have an associated impact on your salary? Does being in the office less necessarily equate to a reduction in salary? Perhaps you’d look at flexibility somewhat differently if it did?


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