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How to Develop a Content Marketing Distribution Strategy

By Jennie Kitchin

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few years, you’ll know that content marketing can add massive value to your business. Whether you’re just starting to explore it as a tool or your marketing team are seasoned pros, it’s important to ensure you have a solid strategy behind the content you’re producing and how you’re distributing it.

Your content strategy should help you to define who you are as a business and demonstrate your industry expertise. In order to create a meaningful strategy, you should ask yourself: Who are we creating the content for? What problem will it solve? What makes it unique?

For the most part, creating your content is the easy part. Making people aware of your great content, on the other hand, can be challenging.

There are three main channels you can leverage for distribution:

Owned media: this is any distribution channel that your company owns, such as your blog, website, emails and social media pages.

Paid media: this is when you pay for your content’s distribution, such as PPC, paid ad campaigns or sponsored content promotions.

Earned media: this is when a third party distributes your content for free, such as social media shares, reposts and PR coverage.

Here are some easy tips to help improve your distribution.

Tell people about your content

This might seem obvious but if you want to get the word out about your content, you should start by telling people about it! Use your social media channels to promote anything you create and email it out to your networks, either in a blast or by including it in a newsletter.

Build an audience interested in your content

If telling people about your content is the best way to spread the word, then you need an audience that wants to hear about it in the first place. Try surveying your existing database to see what topics they are interested in, and then market your content to them appropriately.

Go where the audience is

Don’t just promote your content on your company channels, ask your employees to share to their own networks too. You can also use external sources, such as events and other publications. Consider working with a PR firm to get coverage or look into partnership agreements.

Sometimes you have to pay

If you don’t have an in-house PR team, you will have to pay a PR firm to help you get in front of journalists or into publications, but you won’t have to pay for the mentions and placements themselves. You might want to consider paying for PPC ads or promoted/sponsored posts across social media.

There are many different avenues you can use to leverage your content and which ones you use will depend on your company’s organic reach, content budget, goals and strategy. The most effective strategy however, will use a mixture of distribution channels that cover owned, paid and earned media.

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