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How to Secure Top Permanent Talent in a Candidate's Market

By Jennie Kitchin

Permanent candidate choosing between job offers

We are all aware that it’s a candidate's market right now. There is a general skills shortage, meaning that highly skilled candidates can take their pick when it comes to the roles they want to apply for and, most importantly, the companies they decide to work for. As a hiring manager or business owner, it’s no longer just a case of picking the right candidate but making sure that your chosen candidate wants to pick you.

And it’s not just about offering a competitive salary. In fact, in a recent job satisfaction survey, we found that the top reason for candidates to change roles is lack of progression, followed by poor management. Low pay was actually the least noted reason for leaving, with only 7% of candidates mentioning it.

Compared to previous generations, the current workforce does not want a job for life but rather a stimulating role that can offer a good work-life balance. Job security is not enough anymore and nearly half of the marketers and creatives we surveyed said they joined their current company because they thought the position looked exciting and challenging.

So, what can you do to make sure your company is at the top of your candidate’s list?

Be Flexible

Offering flexible hours, remote working or a part-time week has become so commonplace in the industry that it is now a dealbreaker for some candidates. There could be many reasons for an employee to request a flexible working pattern and by being open to the idea and working around your candidate’s needs, you may not only beat the competition but also be rewarded with a committed, happy employee who has real loyalty for your business.

Invest in Training

Having a training budget as part of your offer to a candidate is a great way to show them that you are fully invested in them and their future with your company. A surprising amount of businesses offer no upskilling opportunities to their staff, so having this can set you apart. And it doesn’t have to take a huge amount of your budget, a lot of online training platforms are very reasonably priced or even free.

Have Clear Career Paths

Following straight on from training is professional development. This is a big one for a lot of skilled candidates as they want to see the potential to learn and grow within the company in order to gain a better position. This is not always easy to show, especially before a candidate is in the role, however it’s important to be able to at least demonstrate that there is an organisational structure in place with regular check-in and reviews to ensure that employees are on the right path.

Showcase Your Culture

Your company culture is one of your biggest selling points to new candidates. If you can show you have an exciting working environment and a real sense of community within your office then you’re far more likely to be appealing to prospective employees. Encourage your team to mix with their colleagues and organise work socials to help with team bonding, and make sure you showcase this on your social media channels.

Offer Good Benefits

Compensation and benefits are always going to be an important part of the decision making process for candidates. Yes, a competitive salary is important, but is there more you can offer? Consider incentive led targeting, monthly competitions with prizes or an internal recognition program for people to recognise their colleagues. Organise socials throughout the year, such as movie or quiz nights, a summer outing or Christmas party. Anything that rewards employees for their hard work will be a massive tick on your candidates list.

The best way to secure your perfect perm candidate is to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Anything above and beyond the norm will help you sell your role and your company and help you stand out.

Are you currently hunting for your perfect permanent hire? We can help! Get in touch today and one of our agents will be happy to help.

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