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It Takes a (Social) Community to Raise Your Brand

It Takes a (Social) Community to Raise Your Brand

It’s unfortunate many companies still lack at least a community manager, let alone a social media team. Is yours one of them?

According to writer Michael Hahn’s article on Social Media Today, you really need one. He states, “A good community manager engages, cultivates, and manages the community by providing the best service through a variety of ways using the web as an extension of the business.”

In this more recent post on CNN Money’s Ask Annie column, writer Anne Fisher includes why damage control of your online reputation is also a key responsibility of your community manager and his/her social media team. In essence, the professionals you have monitoring and nurturing your online community and brand presence are the same ones who stave off potential PR nightmares.

Aquent places many talented community managers and social media specialists for clients worldwide. The ways in which these Aquent talent enrich those clients online communities include:

  • Ensuring brand messaging aligns across all media
  • Strategizing and launching promotional interactions online which are then delivered in stores
  • Exciting customers with “insider only” offers to create brand loyalty
  • Telling brand history and other compelling stories to add a human element to the brand
  • Positioning the brand as the top authority/provider of its product type

One of the most appealing traits of getting into the socialization of your brand is that it’s never too late to start. Social media platforms continue to evolve and new ones are launched all the time. The key is to bring in a dedicated social media team to get you up and running and get your brand involved with your community.

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