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Debbie Weil on Corporate Blogging: A Podcast Experience

Debbie Weil on Corporate Blogging: A Podcast Experience image
Debbie Weil on Corporate Blogging: A Podcast Experience

Debbie Weil is a corporate blogging and social media consultant who literally wrote the book on corporate blogging, which she aptly entitled, The Corporate Blogging Book. I had the good fortune of interviewing her the other day on the three “don’ts” of corporate blogging (don’t focus on the technology; don’t outsource the writing; don’t overestimate the amount of work it will require), journalistic standards and blogger credibility, and the revolution in corporate communications.

I invite you to listen in on our conversation. You can do so by listening below. You may also download the mp3 by “right-clicking” (“control-clicking,” Mac-wise) on that link, or check out this and all other Talent Blog Podcasts on iTunes.

A few highlights of the podcast can be found at the following time coordinates:

01:43 – How to become an “expert”
03:31 – It’s not easy to do a really good corporate blog
08:50 – Top 3 Dont’s of Corporate Blogging
11:38 – Think of a blog as a next generation website
15:53 – Manufacturing authenticity
21:38 – A collection of intersecting communities
23:10 – The first step is always to listen
25:05 – You can’t start blogging until you’re in a different mindset
28:02 – Can you make a career in blogging? (Answer: Probably not)


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