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Quality Writing Rules the Web

Quality Writing Rules the Web

Google Panda has leveled the playing field so quality content rules. Keyword-and advertising-stuffed websites no longer dominate the front pages of SERPs. If the top is where you want to be (or remain), then fresh content is your key to marketing success.

Today’s savvy marketers are increasingly adopting content-focused marketing strategies. Using original content from a pool of contract writers is key because this approach achieves three critical goals:

  1. Creating brand advocates. Original content gets “liked” or “tweeted” more often, which attracts Google’s crawlers. It’s also a better way to engage your target audience. Web writers know how to produce the original content your audience wants to read and share. In contrast, blog writing subscription services sell their content to other companies who are publishing the same content you do. That may flag your content and have it dropped from search results altogether.
  2. Gaining credibility. Again, its great that someone in your company can write pretty good blog posts on the side, but experienced web writers can do so much more. They generate better original content than someone who isn’t in the profession and doesn’t understand web writing best practices — trust us, we at Aquent source and hire the best, so we know the deal.
  3. Strengthening brand presence. Web writers can do amazing things with a variety of content options. They contribute greatly to strategic online marketing by:
    • Gaining an in-depth understanding of your company’s evolving marketing strategy
    • Understanding the nuances of your industry
    • Interviewing internal subject matter experts and writing about their industry knowledge
    • Developing clear, concise content that’s easy for your audience to consume
    • Repurposing content that’s appropriate for each marketing channel including: blogs, brochures, byline articles, case studies, social media posts, and more

Web writing talent have tremendous impact on improving every aspect of your online ranking, brand identity, and credibility. Why risk  going it alone? Some of the best of their kind are just a phone call to Aquent away.

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