At a recent Glug event that we sponsored, we had the pleasure of sharing a few beers with the co founder of Someone Design Agency Simon Manchipp. We wanted to know what makes someone a ‘SomeOne’, here’s a list of some things you may not have known about Simon and SomeOne Agency, from what really motivates Simon, the magic formula to creating an award winning agency in just 6 years and a few tips and tricks on recruiting and retaining mega cool talent.

Can I explain my role to a 6 year old? Yes, I can as I have one of those at home. I’m in the business of ideas to make companies engage with their audience and ultimately create a monopoly. My son has been the board director of SomeOne many times. He was the one who actually came up with the Parrot idea for Fastjet Airlines.


Did I always have a career path in mind? Absolutely not. I made it up entirely as I went along, which is the business plan of SomeOne. We have no fixed plan. The only plan we have is "the answer is yes. What’s the problem?"


What motivates us now? It’s trying to do things on a bigger scale and to collaborate with more interesting people, more interesting agencies around the world. I would love to collaborate more internationally because it brings things to the party that you wouldn’t expect.


A bit of history on our start up… SomeOne was previously called No One. No One operated within Howell Henry Chaldecott Lury and Partners. I worked there and convinced them it would be a good idea to set up a design agency with the same ethos. I wanted to take the same radical thinking and apply it to design.  HHCL didn’t understand what I was on about which is why I set up No One. Six years later everyone got it, so we started SomeOne. When we were brand new big brands brought into our can do attitude. We were experienced, confident, and lean. Not cheaper or more expensive, not faster or slower than other agencies, we were just more agile.


How we work at SomeOne…. There’s no one in the room when a clients there, that doesn’t contribute. If we find there is, they probably wont be there next time.  That’s being fair, lean and helpful to the client. Every project is brand new. We prove to ourselves everyday not just to our clients and we laugh our heads off every day.


How did we get hired for the 2012 Olympics campaign? Because they recognised that we had some really strong opinions and are unafraid to try new things. We have an opinion, have a go and really work hard at it. Craft the crap out of it.


What makes someone a ‘SomeOne’? It’s a can do attitude, hyper talented to the point they scare the pants off us. I also have a very simple test. The Affability test. Could I stand being seated next to them on a flight to New York for 6 hours? Affability is a very underrated and rarely used word but it’s very important.