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The Cost Of A Bad Marketing Hire

The Cost Of A Bad Marketing Hire

In this HubSpot blog article about what type of marketing staff you need for businesses of every size, one outstanding point the writer highlights is the question of where you find them. Though the article also provides resources on how to hire expert marketers, you still run the risk of a “bad” hire.

Even with 25 years as a marketing and creative talent agency, we at Aquent are still floored by
shocking stats like: “Forty-one percent of companies estimate that a bad hire costs more than $25,000. One in four say it costs over $50,000.” And these estimates are conservative.

How does it all add up? Well, calculating employee turnover costs is tricky, but think about the:

  • Time spent writing/posting listings, reviewing resumes, and interviewing candidates
  • Time it takes to train and provide orientation
  • Cost of salary, benefits, and perks
  • Cost of providing severance or (yikes!) handling a lawsuit

Then add on the often overlooked costs of making the wrong hire:

  • Lost clients and new business opportunities
  • Subpar work and rework due to mistakes
  • Inefficient resource management
  • Blown deadlines
  • Lower team morale

The numbers are gruesome and impact both hiring managers and their teams. This is one of the reasons Aquent was founded, on the belief that the highest-quality staffing firms should focus on specific job placements. This way, businesses like yours have a resource to contact with agents who have done the research, know your industry, and source the perfect candidates to augment your marketing teams. As an Aquent client, you never have to go it alone in getting the best marketing talent for either one-off projects or in the long term.

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