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Tips For Hiring a Community Manager

Tips For Hiring a Community Manager

What does their social profile look like?
Check out LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Facebook - any public profile they have set up to see how they socially portray themselves. A good Community Manager knows how to professionally conduct themselves on social networks. If they are sending a message that doesn’t fit with your brand, they might not be the best fit.

Do they understand your business?
If the social voice of your brand doesn’t understand your business, it’s easy to veer off brand. And with social media small mistakes spread like wildfire. If you’re interviewing someone for a social media role ask them what they know about your brand. They might not know the intricacies of how your company works, but they should know what you do, know who your competitors are, and have an impression of your brand.

Are they a GOOD multi-tasker?
Managing different communities requires you to be able to jump from one conversation to another then back to another in a timely manner. Responding to both negative and positive tweets and comments quickly is very important to having an effective community. This can feel chaotic and unorganized at times if you’re getting a lot of action. Strong Community Managers will be able to navigate through the chaos while upholding your brand reputation.

Are they resourceful?
Social media platforms seem to change by the week. Everything from Facebook Ads to Promoted Twitter accounts have new features for businesses all the time. Find out how the candidate stays  up-to-date when features are implemented. Are they part of any groups around community management? Oftentimes there are only 1-2 Community Managers in a company so they need to be connected to others for new ideas, news, and updates.

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