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Web Design Trends, Branding, and Digital Adoption: What We’re Reading - 6.6.2014

Web Design Trends, Branding, and Digital Adoption: What We’re Reading - 6.6.2014

The end of the week is finally here, so you’re probably starting to panic: What will I read over the weekend? Here are five suggestions that will help fill your empty leisure time and get you ready to rock it come Monday morning!

How to Predict Web Design Trends

Have you ever had a great idea only to find out that it was “so last year”? Designmodo put together a list of ways to predict the latest trends in web design and after reviewing them, it seems they are onto something. One tip is to look at side projects in designers’ portfolios. Since these project are driven by passion more than anything else, they tend to be more aspirational and forward-looking. Designmodo encourages you to analyze these projects and figure out what works and what doesn’t; what looks modern and contemporary and what just looks out of place? For other tips, check out the the article!

The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding

Do you think that color plays a prominent role in marketing and branding? Well the people at Entrepreneur sure do! Although they admit that there is not a ton of evidence to factually back up their belief, there is some indication that color and branding success are closely related. For instance, a study entitled, “Impact of Color in Marketing,” concluded that 90% of snap judgements are made based on color alone. Read this article to learn more about ways color makes a difference in marketing and branding.

How Digitally Led Companies Outperform the Market

Ben Gilchriest of Capgemini Consulting, ANZ, wrote this post for us describing the stages of digital adoption that companies pass through and pointing out that companies which have reached the highest stage—Digirati—achieve higher revenue, better net margins, and greater market valuations than their peers. Where does your company fall on the digital adoption scale?

Massimo Vignelli: 5 Appreciations by 5 Design Professionals

Massimo Vignelli was an enduring inspiration to the design world and the death of the 83 year old innovator has been mourned by many. In response to his passing, five designers spoke about Vignelli’s designs and picked those which they felt were most influential.  Did your favorite make the list? If not, what got overlooked?

What if Every Weekend Was Three Days Long?

That’s the question you probably ask yourself every Friday as you begrudgingly get out bed. Well, if you worked for Treehouse, an online service that teaches students about web design and coding, or Beholder, a creative content agency, you could have a three day weekend every week. What impact does that have on the remaining four days of the week? According to Beholder’s Emilia Andrews it increases efficiency and makes meetings “incredibly focused.” How does that sound to you?

Any other recent posts, interesting infographics, or amazing analyses from the web that you would recommend? Share in the comments!

Creative Commons Image Source: Lee Thatcher

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