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Why Marketing and UX Need Each Other

Why Marketing and UX Need Each Other

If you missed the May 16 Aquent-sponsored AMA webcast “Marketing, Meet UX,” you may want to sit down with your marketing and development teams and watch it. The presenters from Kronos -- User Experience Specialist Marc Cajolet and Creative Director Ken Volk -- took attendees through the evolution of UX from the 1980s through to today. Cajolet also pointed out that aligning with UX gives brands a new, competitive advantage in their marketplace. He also mentioned that UX draws from many disciplines (e.g., Anthropology, Psychology, Computer Science) and that successful UX offers a holistic view of products by engaging product design and marketing from the beginning of a development cycle.  

Speaking from the marketing side, Volk pointed out that UX must work in tandem with marketing to achieve strong brand recognition and deliver ease of use and elegant functionality to consumers. He showed an example of how Kronos overcame a brand recognition challenge by identifying what was working in both the UX and marketing departments and why the alignment of the governing brand vision needs to permeate “all work from product creation to the messaging.”

Cajolet and Volk imparted more invaluable information on how brands can address and achieve their business goals in the age of “consumer-focused UX (e.g., a product that is out of the box and running within minutes).” They also stressed, “Your messaging needs to be like a GPS and guide your consumers through the product use before they hit traffic (errors) or get stuck in traffic (errors).”

“Marketing, Meet UX” is a webcast full of essential information about the partnership between UX and marketing that is relevant to more than just those two teams. This is one to share with everyone in an organization from executives to administration.

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