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Why Web Data Miners Make Huge Marketing Impacts

Why Web Data Miners Make Huge Marketing Impacts

Web analysts form the foundational structure of great online marketing teams—or they should. These wranglers of big data contribute the crucial business intelligence marketers and creatives need to reach target audiences at every touch point.

As the champions of marketing campaigns and media buyers, web analysts shed light on what works and what doesn’t, freeing up online marketers, designers, writers, and developers to do what they do best. Another excellent benefit of web analysts is that their methodology is consistent across all industries. This means they can step in on a temp or temp-to-perm basis ready to improve your business outlook from the get-go.

The most successful pairing for a web analyst is with an online marketing manager. This dynamic duo creates marketing strategies with high ROI and audience impact. Web analysts possess refined instincts and personal passion for drilling down statistics and giving online marketing managers the answers they need to craft comprehensive marketing plans. The analysts’ data also enables online marketing managers to provide specific campaign requirements to the creative and development departments, cutting the time and expense of taking a concept from brainstorm to launch exponentially.

Web analysts or anyone involved in the research field aren’t always welcomed in the creative realm, though. As reported in this article on Research, creatives often feel their great ideas are killed by statistics and A/B testing. Dare it be said that this opinion is where creatives get the process, well, wrong? Isn’t it better to create work that actually makes it to launch and succeeds? What about the thrill of stretching creative concepts and brands standards to develop engaging campaigns which incorporate statistics and click with your audience? The truth is, guessing what will work is a killer of both creativity and budgets. Utilizing the demographic and psychographic statistics you get from a web analyst is not only necessary for future market share growth, it also helps keep creatives employed.

Lastly, information supplied by a web analyst may also identify what skills and talents an online marketing or creative department needs. This is another great use case for bringing in a  web analyst temp. The analyst’s data contributes to more strategic and precise department hiring decisions.

So, before you question the validity or value of bringing a temp or temp-to-perm web analyst on board, consider that the factual pros do outweigh the emotional cons. Knowing too much about your market audience is never enough and a good web analyst helps you do it.

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