Senior Software Engineer

£50,000 - £75,000 per annum
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Emma Baggs

Job Description:

Senior Software Engineer – Digital

Our client is looking for a Senior Software Engineer to help develop high impact digital solutions which will contribute to the solution of real world problems

You'll be delivering high quality innovative solutions for new build, refurbishment and post occupancy projects across several market sectors, including commercial, transport, financial, health and the arts. 

The role will include many of the following responsibilities: 

  • Technical development across the entire stack from front-end to back-end, working with various technologies and programming languages.
  • Architecting and maintaining cloud services (primarily AWS) to support and host a variety of internal and client facing applications and solutions.
  • IoT system development and cloud integration.
  • Handling and managing data of all types and forms (real-time and static), including data processing, analysis and dashboarding.
  • Managing technical deployments and proof of concepts both internally and on client sites.
  • Interaction with clients and stakeholders.
  • Supporting the Digital Transformation plan.
  • Identifying new research streams and opportunities for emergent technologies (IoT, AI, Blockchain) in the built environment
  • Research and development activities and maintaining ‘over the horizon’ awareness of technological developments.


  • Creative technical thinker who is happy to tackle a diverse range of problems at all levels of the development stack and can deliver pragmatic solutions.
  • Willingness and ability to rapidly acquire new skills and domain knowledge, and keep up to date with latest technologies.
  • Able to fulfil several project requests simultaneously and meet deadlines.
  • Confident to question the norm and suggest alternatives and new approaches.
  • Ability to effectively collaborate with people from a variety of expertise including building engineers, IT experts, and UX designers.
  • Appreciation of good user experience and methods for understanding user needs and requirements.
  • Hands-on experience of IoT proof of concept work a plus, including deploying and maintaining IoT devices and systems in the field.


  • Experience of full stack development and familiarity with technologies at all levels of the stack including;

-        SQL and noSQL databases, understanding of graph databases

-        APIs including REST and MQTT

-        Cross platform web and app development

  • Development experience in multiple languages including but not limited to Python, Javascript and Java
  • Understanding of software development practices including version control (e.g. Git) and branching strategies
  • Experience of advanced data analytics and machine learning techniques such as Apache Spark.
  • Experience working with data for storage, processing and analysis – especially real-time data from IoT devices.

Desirable skills & experience

  • Electronics and physical prototyping skills including experience with prototyping platforms such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino and others.
  • Digital fabrication skills including vector file preparation, laser cutting and 3D printing.
  • Experience working with and architecting cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud.