Field HR Specialist

Remote (must be UK based)
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£48 per annum
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Shana Hector
12 months FTC rolling

Job Description:

Field HR Specialist

Manage HR service delivery and ensure alignment with business and HR strategic objectives. Act as primary connection between HR and local employees across all DTEs and serve as a local liaison to HR functions and service organizations. May include: design/implementation of local employee engagement and recognition programs, providing mobility services, planning/delivering training, coaching, mentoring and supervision. Manages service delivery of People Advisors.

Talent Segment: Human Resources


Key Responsibilities

Your role includes some or all of the following key responsibilities. You should review these in conjunction with career level guidelines to gain a clear understanding of the expectations for your role.



·       Adapt, communicate and implement the strategic direction of all operations to ensure adherence to global policies and processes

·       Define the operational framework for the GU delivery of People Service process support based upon the defined Business and HR Strategy

·       Create and implement short-term tactical plans to meet SLA performance metrics and financial targets through the efficient use of human resources, technology and maximization of workforce

·       Provide feedback and input for improvement of all programs, processes and policies and accountable for driving consistent, standardized and effective service delivery within Employee Relations, Internal Controls & Compliance, Learning, Transitions and Records & Document Management.

·       Work with the GU CoE Interlock process owners to improve the end to end HR delivery processes

·       Ensure integration of GU People Services team with the Cross Business Service Delivery team and Field HR within the GU

·       Serve as a main point of contact and manage relationships with stakeholder group and key individuals

·       Resolve any escalated issues and risks

·       Facilitate team work and process integration across the team

·       Lead team of People Advisors and Client Account HR Leads as required

·       Ensure career planning and development for employees

·       Design and implement local employee engagement and recognition programs for the DTE in line with the entity strategy

·       Deliver employee Orientation and Integration

·       Execute key HR processes within Field HR, i.e. performance management, exit management, grievance management and career moves through internal role posting

·       Coordinate, deliver, prioritize and manage escalation of all activities executed by the Location HR and People Advisor teams

·       Ensure optimal deployment of Field HR talent across all Diamond/Global/Foundation clients and that the HR teams aligned to these clients are delivering services effectively

·       Work closely with the GU People Programs Lead on programs and initiatives which are cross-DTE, and with the People Advisor team to ensure that processes and programs and driven out and implemented on the ground within the respective project sites

·       Plan and deliver training, coaching and mentoring required to ensure that Field HR teams in each GU possess the capability and confidence to perform to the highest level

·       May provide end to end service delivery of all Mobility Services at a global level and accountable for coordination, delivery, employee satisfaction, prioritization and escalation for HR activities related to mobility services at a global level



The performance objectives shown below are specific to this role. If you are in this role, these objectives will appear in myPerformance as a starting point for setting your objectives, using the 3+1 objectives setting approach. Within myPerformance, you will select three focused objectives from this list where you can make the most significant contributions to the business–one for each leadership contribution area (Value Creator, People Developer, Business Operator)–plus one objective for your professional growth (anything you want to achieve outside your daily responsibilities to develop yourself).


        Value Creator

·       Establish self as expert or key contributor

·       Increase client/customer or user satisfaction

·       Make/propose improvements to work products, services or processes


        Business Operator

·       Comply with company standards, procedures and policies

·       Coordinate/implement a key initiative, process or change

·       Meet deliverable requirements/service level measures/specific targets

·       Reduce/Manage risks to tasks, activities or projects


        People Developer

·       Build skills (self or others) needed to execute responsibilities

·       Effectively coach/counsel others and provide feedback to improve performance

·       Maximize individual/team productivity to build or maintain a high quality team

·       Promote teamwork and a positive work environment

Career Level Expectations


Below are the expectations for all employees in this role. Please note that additional criteria may apply in some countries. If your home country appears in the "Country Specific Information" link at right, please click the country name to view the applicable expectations for this role.



Degree of difficulty of an assignment or the level of problem-solving assessment and resolution required, as indicated by degree of problem-solving, strategic vs. routine focus, and stakeholder interactions (e.g., Executives, Supervisor, etc.)

·       Requires analysis and solving of moderately complex problems. May create new solutions, leveraging and, where needed, adapting existing methods and procedures.

·       Requires understanding of the strategic direction set by senior management as it relates to team goals.

·       Primary upward interaction is with direct supervisor. May interact with peers and/or management levels at a client and/or within Accenture.


Power to influence or complete assignments independently and ability to make decisions, as indicated by latitude to devise work products or plans, reliance on instruction and decision-making ability

·       Requires guidance when determining methods and procedures on new assignments

Impact or Decision Impact

Risk or consequences in the event of failure, as indicated by range of expected impact, such as within a team or across a team or area of responsibility and level of risk

·       Decisions often impact the team in which they reside


Degree of accountability for assigned tasks, our clients and/or the organization, as indicated by size of work effort and scale of entity and/or program

·       Manages small teams and/or work efforts at a client or within the company

Client Description:

Our Client is a global professional services company with over 300 offices across 51 countries. They have a wide range of specialisations including systems integration, outsourcing, strategy, management consulting, big data/analytics, and technology. They are proud to work alongside many government entities and 89 of the global Fortune 100.


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