Content Strategist

Job Terms:
£60,000 per annum
Start date:
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Nikita Vyas
6 months

Job Description:

We're looking for the ideal candidate to join the Content Ecosystem team as we develop the services, features and experiences that enable leaders and content creators to engage and interact with their teams in a human way and at scale. How can we make company communications feel more human and engaging, so that organisations can grow and bring the workforce along with them? What are the tools and workflows that creators need to deliver engaging content and what are the metrics we need to wrap around that in order to understand whether we’re delivering on our mission?

We’re based in London, and we’re central to the Org Comms mission of enabling company conversations that align organisations by allowing leaders to communicate in effective, engaging ways.

The problem we’re solving
Our client's top 3 global social media platform is targeted at businesses which range in scale from 500 to 20,000 employees. Leaders need to communicate with their workforce and they need to do it scale and in a human way. In this environment, sending an email which can be misinterpreted and raise more questions is not the answer. Instead, we’re developing solutions which will allow leaders to have an effective dialogue with their workforce. At the same time, we’re developing new tools which will make it easier for users to create and schedule updates.

How we’re solving it
Our product teams are developing new ways to set up live events, so that it’s easy to schedule events with multiple presenters in live, remote or hybrid environments. At the same time, we’re developing new tools for users to create non-video content, as well as introducing delegated drafting features which will make it easier for multiple users to work on the same content. In addition, the team is identifying the tools and services that will define the evolution of the product in the coming years.

The content design challenge
There’s a ton of openness and ambiguity in this space. We want to create intuitive and seamless experiences that help leaders and content creators communicate effectively, wherever they are.

In this role, you’ll be:

  • Working to understand the biggest challenges faced by leaders and content creators, then finding safe, easy-to-understand ways to solve them.
  • Helping a fast-growing product team navigate this new space, learning fast and adjusting your approach in light of new insights.
  • Connecting with counterparts working on other Facebook business, creator and identity tools to figure out how we can make everything fit together.
  • You’ll find opportunities in voice and branding (how do we talk about this stuff?), privacy (how do we become a privacy-focused enterprise player?), and much, much more.

Desired strengths

  • Comfortable with ambiguity. This is a zero-to-one space, where we sometimes take decisions quickly and pivot in light of new information.
  • Plans for scale. The vision for the Content Ecosystem team is constantly evolving. Leaders and content creators face specific challenges and we’re building out a long-term plan to tackle these.You’ll need to design with one eye on this future.
  • Systems thinker. You see the big picture, but can comfortably zoom in and out to focus on small details as they roll up to the whole.
  • East-west collaboration. You’ll be looking to build connections via east-west collaboration, partnering with peers in other orgs to map out this growing space for the company.

Client Description:

Our Client is the largest social media company in the world. They have substantial B2B and B2C advertising and media platforms, as well as a nonprofit initiative. With the mission of bringing people together, they now boast over 2 billion users, and are rapidly developing as they influence the world around us.


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