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Principal Analytical Consultant

Posted By Shivika UpadhyayLondon(hybrid)


Placement Type:



£338 per day(PAYE Inside IR35)

Start Date:


Contract – 5 months (02/09/24 to 28/02/25), Location – London(3 days onsite, 2 days remote)

Top Skills required for this role:

  • Analytical thinking.
  • Data analytics.
  • Data representation.
  • Project management.
  • Data & measurement.


  • Business acumen (Analytical Lead/Consultant)
  • Understanding of the overall big-picture of the business model, importance and interdependence of various functions within an organization, and drivers of profitability.
  • Consultative skills and client/partner management/advising
  • Ability to understand customer business objectives through dialogue before recommending products/services. Ability to influence and inspire an audience by crafting POVs using data that elicit empathy or create buy-in and partner with, orchestrate, lead, and influence clients, partners, and/or service providers as a trusted advisor. This may include managing client/partner expectations. Ability to convert general data and findings into applied, specific information and suggestions that add value to business planning and strategies.
  • Data-driven analysis and reporting
  • Ability to combine technical and financial data to differentiate and position the value of products, services, and solutions to create competitive advantage.

Job Responsibilties:

  • Deliver strategic insights and provide fact-based recommendations that are implemented by clients and drive sales outcomes.
  • Identify solutions based on client business objectives in collaboration with sales teams that scale beyond one client.
  • Identify new opportunities to increase monetization and revenue through query and auction analysis.
  • Define a POV on measurement and attribution and help customers/partners/sellers navigate industry trends, standards, and methodologies.
  • Own project priorities, lead cross-functional teams, and allocation of resources.


  • Use analytical reasoning to identify defined business problems with multiple approaches and provide optimal solutions to those problems.
  • Build new processes, procedures, methods, and tests or hypotheses with foresight to anticipate and address future issues by eliminating possible obstacles.
  • Identify business solutions and develop advanced data-driven analysis using statistical and advanced analytics methodologies to solve business problems.
  • Generate ideas on new and innovative ways to deliver data and advanced analytics and insights.


  • Influence across own team and teams with similar objectives to align resources and direction.
  • Develop rich relationships, internally and externally, offering support and direction to team members.
  • Act as an analytical leader within the team, actively coaching team members on advanced analytical capabilities.
  • Act as a team point of contact for highlighting self-serve tools and supporting with related queries.
  • Act as an industry advocate to identify key industry trends and consult with clients on opportunities associated with trends and potential business impact.
  • Guide the integration of multiple adjacent projects timelines, goals, and objectives.
  • Work with team and client stakeholders to help them understand how data can be paired with their internal business intelligence to improve performance.

Responsibilities under the direction of Manager:

  • Build relationships and meet new customers
  • Focus on driving relationship building with customers in Analytics, Tech, and/or Data functions.
  • Client/Partner relationship management for analytical leads
  • Collaborate with account executives or account managers to build and manage relationships with client/partner stakeholders across functions. Develop the relationship with the data/analytical stakeholders on the client’s/partner’s side.
  • Conduct market/consumer analysis/reports for customers
  • Drive ad hoc analyzes/reports for customers including in-depth auction/industry analysis, test results, custom reporting (tied to an ask), market share-based opportunity sizing, and scalable analyzes.
  • Connect insights to action
  • Create forward-thinking and data-driven POVs, narratives, and sales pitches to support client/partner business. Help clients/partners understand and reach their consumers using industry, marketing, and/or third-party research.
  • Consult product experts and/or specialist teams
  • Connect with measurement leads, search automation, GMP including SA360, data science, CSEs, etc. to find the best solution.
  • Consulting on client/partner data measurement.

Experimental design
Knowledge of the principles and best practices of designing experiments to address issues or evaluate impact. This includes knowledge of design parameters, sampling strategies, data collection, and analytical techniques.

Persuasion skills
Ability to gain commitment to a product, service or idea from partners, customers, and/or stakeholders using data and appropriate communication or storytelling methods. This includes the ability to convince customers to increase their budget through analytical and measurement techniques.

Process and tools
Ability to use technological tools effectively to accomplish key business objectives and goals.

Situational leadership
Ability to interact confidently, clearly and respectfully with others, especially senior leaders of the organization, to present/defend/clarify concerns or issues regarding an existing project, program or solution. This includes the ability to effectively address difficult questions, handle pushback from a high-level audience, and maintain a professional demeanor while engaging in difficult or sometimes high-pressure situations.

Technical acumen (Analytical Lead/Consultant)
Ability to quickly learn the general concepts and principles in a technical (e.g., engineering, finance) domain, clearly explain familiar technologies, solve or analyze technical issues or provide useful technical insights, and demonstrate interest and curiosity in acquiring knowledge across technical domains.

Client Description

Our Client is a multinational technology company, specialising in Internet-related services and products; including online advertising technologies, search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware. The atmosphere is relaxed with a diverse and innovative culture. Opportunities for growth and progression and networking with like-minded people across the business and beyond.


Aquent is dedicated to improving inclusivity & is proudly an equal opportunities employer. We encourage applications from under-represented groups & are committed to providing support to applicants with disabilities. We aim to provide reasonable accommodation for any part of the employment process, to those with a medical condition, disability or neurodivergence.