Developing a Targeted Social Media Strategy to Better Align Audiences

Aquent Aquent


Our client, a large global auto manufacturer determined that they didn’t have enough focus on social media. The department realigned and they didn’t have a Social Media Strategist, but rather a person taking existing content and blasting it to different company social media channels. The client’s content was disbursed among a lot of different people without anyone dedicated to managing it.


Aquent placed a Social Media Strategist to develop a strategic social media plan. The Aquent strategist is providing social media aimed at current client employees and retirees on various channels, including Twitter, Yammer, Instagram, Flicker, and Facebook.


Before Aquent’s talent began work, the client’s social media strategy was disjointed. Now the client is able to work across global media resources and ad agencies to produce targeted communications that are better aligned with the audience.

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