Driving Adoption of Interactive Products

Aquent Aquent


A major entertainment company was looking to leverage its vast set of intellectual property in more interactive channels. Due to the client’s ever-changing creative culture, many projects are short-term in nature and don’t lend themselves to full-time headcount. Given these dynamics, the company was interested in finding contract talent that fit within their culture, could see the point of view of their end users, and also successfully interact with the company’s executives.

The firm found that the general recruiting companies they used for full-time roles weren’t equipped to staff these shorter-term projects and weren’t current on the skills needed for these creative roles.


Aquent worked with the client to quickly identify and fill roles for senior-level talent, including UX/UI architects, interactive designers, storyboard artists, and technical UX writers. From the start, Aquent talent worked as a team, guiding the client in the best approach to leverage their entertainment assets. They ran point on a myriad of high-profile projects, including designing the user interface for the client’s movies-on-demand subscription service.


Aquent talent have had a considerable impact on the client’s interactive properties, driving high customer response ratings for their new interactive products. The client appreciates having the ability to call in creative talent on a flexible basis.

Thanks to this success, Aquent has been entrusted with delivering a steady stream of creative contract talent. Aquent has more than doubled its team at the client in the past two years and is working with a dozen different divisions. A number of Aquent talent have been converted to full-time employees, with many taking up senior positions within the client’s creative teams.

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