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Market Insights

2021 Aquent UK Salary Guide

2021 Salary Guide

If you're looking to grow your team this year, or change roles yourself, you’ll want to check out our latest Salary Guide. The guide also includes insights into how salaries have changed over the last 12 months - particularly as impacted by recent events - and the trends in hiring that we’re seeing for 2021.

The Cheat Code for Growth from Aquent

The Cheat Code for Growth

We partnered with Econsultancy to find out what’s top of mind for today’s marketing leaders at high performing companies. How are they keeping up with the world’s rapidly changing demands and staying ahead of the curve? This report details the findings of a survey with 322 leaders from some of the world’s most successful companies.

Aquent Talent Insights Report

Talent Insights Report

How to attract and retain top talent by seeing what they truly value, from communication to compensation. We heard from more than 2,000 marketing, creative, design, and development talent, to give you the relevant insights your business needs to stay ahead of the competition in today's market.

Candidate Resources.

Getting a Job Guide from Aquent

Job Hunting Guide

We have created a ‘how to’ guide on all you could ever want to know when searching for your next job. From making sure you’re earning the right salary, to getting your CV in order, to smashing your interview - and everything in between.

Post-Pandemic Interview Questions from Aquent

Post-Pandemic Interview Questions

In addition to the questions you would normally ask your potential employer in an interview, here are some suggestions for questions specific when job hunting post-pandemic, especially if your new job will start off remotely.

Etiquette Guide from Aquent

Mind Your Manners

Some of the more subjective aspects of the working world often go unspoken about. Well, no more! We’re here to talk about all the things people do at work that they really shouldn’t. From ghosting to gossiping, and pulling a sickie to procrastinating, this is our guide to office etiquette and how to manage it.

Hiring Guides.

Tips for Interviewing Candidates

Tips for Interviewing Candidates

Everyone knows the basics, but what can you do to really level up your interview process? Our expert’s guide covers everything from varying types and techniques, to the ways you can evaluate candidates and avoid expensive mistakes. 

How to Build & Retain a Team

How to Build and Retain your Team

A ‘how to’ guide on all you could ever want to know when looking to source, build and maintain a strong creative team. Including writing amazing job descriptions, matching salaries, giving great employee feedback and finding your leadership style. 

Perm Hiring Guide

Guide for Hiring Permanent Employees

There's a lot to think about when looking to hire a perm candidate but don’t worry, we have over 35 years’ experience matching our clients with the right talent for their needs. We've created this guide to help you through every stage of the process.

Industry Advice.

How to get Started with Digital Accessibility from Aquent

How to get Started with Digital Accessibility

Accessibility is a critical and often-overlooked element of digital design. This guide is an introduction to digital accessibility, including whose responsibility it is, the skills you need in a hire and the steps you can take to improve your accessibility.

How to hire and retain the best UXers from Aquent

How to hire and retain the best UXers

Does your company find it challenging to source and hire qualified User Experience professionals? Do you want to know how to retain and motivate them once you have them? If so, we have 2 free downloadable guides that have all the information you could want.

The Digital Marketing Hiring Guide from Aquent

The Digital Marketing Hiring Guide

Learn how to transform your team, your brand, and your marketing program results with the new Digital Marketing Hiring Guide. Includes the essential skills needed for a modern marketing team with guidance on how to spot and hire the best talent.

Video Content.

Top 3 Candidate Motivators Video

Top 3 Candidate Motivators

In this video we look at the top 3 motivators of candidates, so you can attract and retain the top talent in 2021. From why the most successful companies are constantly pipe-lining talent to why leadership needs a new approach. 

How to Present & Persuade over a Small Screen Video

How to Present over Video

The idea of ‘performing’ onscreen can be unsettling for a lot of people - even for confident speakers, a camera can be kryptonite. Whether you’re Zooming in for the weekly WIP, taking part in a live panel or producing a pre-recorded keynote, here are 5 hot tips to reduce your stress and improve your performance next time you’re presenting in front of a camera.


Image for Why Top Talent Always Use a Recruiter

Why Top Talent Always Use a Recruiter

When you need to fix your car or receive medical attention, you seek help from an expert. Why would finding a job be any different?

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Image for Down with Culture Fit! Long live Culture Add!

Down with Culture Fit! Long live Culture Add!

For too long have hiring managers been shackled by Culture Fit. Now Culture Add is here to restore the balance. Long live Culture Add!

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Why A 70% Match Could Be 100% What You're Looking For

With 1.1 million vacancies, 1.5 million unemployed, and 33% workers passively seeking a new role, here's why a 70% match could be the perfect fit

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