Assured Talent Screening with our Network of Experts.

Our group of Industry Experts will help you make better hiring decisions by providing unbiased technical assessments and feedback about our talent. These professionals in design, development and UX contract with us specifically to discuss the technical skills of talent and provide an easy to understand assessment.

Network of Experts.

The network of experts that conduct our Independent Assessments are actively working within their respective industries, with many working at global brands and leading agencies. This means they are ideally positioned to provide accurate, in-depth and completely unbiased assessments of our talent’s technical skills. Each expert follows a rigorous review process of the talent’s previous and current work and then provides a full assessment of their core capabilities in order to help you make better hiring decisions.

Faster Hiring.

Our Independent Assessments mean you’re only ever interviewing full vetted candidates that have the technical skills you’re looking for. By meeting with candidates that you know are qualified, you’ll be able to make hiring decisions quickly and confidently. All assessment feedback is concise and easy to understand, so you’ll save time that would otherwise be spent reading through CVs.