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Refining Your Portfolio

Level up your portfolio game with our how-to guide on building, updating and refining your creative portfolio.

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What's Inside


The Refining Your Portfolio guide contains hand-picked advice from recruiters who are reviewing and recommending creative, marketing and tech candidates every single day. Whether you’re going for your first UX role, changing careers, or just looking for ways to get a competitive edge, this guide is for you.

Why Creatives Need Portfolios

UX/UI, Web Development, Digital or Video Design, Advertising, and even Scriptwriters or Copywriters will need some form of portfolio. The guide starts by covering the basics of what a portfolio is and why it’s important to have one if you’re working in a creative or visual role.

How To Choose Work For Your Portfolio

By far the most challenging part in the portfolio-building process… what do I put in my portfolio? Is it your best work? Your most recent work? Parts that show your creative flair or technical range? We dig into the ideal selection.

Tips For A Sharp Portfolio

As creatives and recruiters ourselves, we’ve picked up more than a few tips and tricks. It also helps to know what hiring managers want to see! We’ve summed up years of experience into a bullet pointed list of advice.

Getting Your Portfolio Ready For Interview

Once your excellent creative work has done the heavy-lifting, here’s what you need to do to make sure you ace the interview – including how to slip in extra work that didn’t make it into the final portfolio.