Aquent is Not a Follower.

We believe people make the difference. We strive to build meaningful relationships with our clients and talent, always with a people first approach. So that when it comes to matching the right business with the right person, we are already one step ahead. Our staff are at the heart of what we do at Aquent, shown by our Gold accreditation with Investors in People, recognising this approach.

A flexible recruitment solution


Workforces with the power to be flexible enable businesses to be more agile and responsive in a world with shifting priorities and market conditions. We’re big believers in the idea that you can produce great work regardless of whether you’re in the office, working a 9 till 5, or on a conventional career path.

Empower your workforce to make their own path


Gone are the days of letting your employer map out your working future. We think talent should be in the driver’s seat of their careers, equipped with the tools, skill-building, and freedom to do what they want. At the same time, they deserve a partner to coach and advise along the way - they shouldn’t have to go it alone and uninformed.

An inclusive and diverse workplace


We believe that a diverse workplace delivers better outcomes for companies and their workforce. An inclusive environment — where different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives are valued — is critical to ensuring everyone can contribute, grow their careers, and thrive. All our agents encompass our core values of collaboration and innovation and share our passion for excellence and diversity.

We don't judge the book by it's cover

We Look at the Bigger Picture.

The only place people are perfect is their resume. We look beyond the CV and get to know the person. Our first step is assessing new talent via interview to evaluate their soft skills. Next, we’ll do a technical interview to assess their hard skills. These assessments are completed by independent industry experts, so that we can gain a better understanding and ensure that candidates are really capable before they’re introduced to the client.

Forming a business connection

We Never do Business with Strangers.

It matters to us that we have close and ongoing relationships with our talent and clients. We want to really get to know them. When it comes to Talent, we want to know what interests them and where they’re headed. We ascertain their skills, strengths and weaknesses. We want to make genuine connections, where it’s going to work for everybody. Afterall... happy people are good for business!

Our history

How We've Evolved.

Aquent began as an idea shared by three friends at Harvard University back in 1985. Originally going by the name MacTemps, the recruitment company quickly expanded across the US before opening its first international office in the UK in 1991. This was followed by offices in France, Australia, Canada, Japan and The Netherlands. And, in 1999, MacTemps became the Aquent we know and love today.

Continuing to adapt and thrive, Aquent went on to launch Aquent Studios in 2006 and Aquent Gymnasium in 2012. Transitioning from a simple temp agency to a global recruitment solutions provider, with 4000+ clients across 38 offices and in 8 different countries. And the best bit? Those three friends are still here, inspiring their staff and nurturing a culture of innovation.

Leadership Team

Driving Success.

Image of Aliza Sweiry

Aliza Sweiry

UK Managing Director

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Image of Paul James

Paul James

European Finance Director

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Image of Bee Wilkins

Bee Wilkins

HR Manager

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Image of Monika Pflicke

Monika Pflicke

Head of Recruitment

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Image of Georgia Dennis-Keen

Georgia Dennis-Keen

Head of Operations

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