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Aquent goes 100 percent virtual

More than 200,000 square feet worldwide offices will go.

“…for the last eight months, we've noticed the sky hasn't fallen.”


Since the COVID pandemic sent everyone home in March, the workforce services company Aquent has been letting leases expire in four of its U.S. offices — Seattle, San Diego, Austin and Detroit. The plan now is to let all the remaining leases lapse and expire, or else to sublet spaces, until Aquent will be 100 percent virtual. Its worldwide physical footprint of over 200,000 square feet will shrink to just 10,000, according to CEO John H. Chuang. “There's really no downside,” he said. “We think for the vast majority of our people, and we know because we've surveyed our people, they like working from home.” 

This article originally appeared on Boston Business Journal.

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