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Redemption: Referrers will be eligible for a cash payout of $200 for every 200 points accumulated. Points can be tracked at MyAquent in the Referral section. Referrers employed by Aquent/Vitamin T in the current calendar year will be paid in the normal payroll cycle. If you are not currently employed by Aquent/Vitamin T, we will reach out to you to gather relevant details to process payment.

Talent Referral Eligibility: Anyone with MyAquent Talent access is eligible to submit referrals under this program, including Aquent/Vitamin T talent, former talent, applicants, networking contacts. Referral prospects must not have worked for Aquent/Vitamin T in the 12 months prior to referral or referred in the 24 months prior to the referral. (Clients may be excluded from cash awards due to potential conflicts of interest.)

Business Lead Eligibility: Business leads for contract/freelance marketing or design jobs that Aquent/Vitamin T is already working on do not qualify as new business leads, nor do leads with existing Aquent/Vitamin T clients in which the referrer is an employee of the company. Assignment extensions or recalls by the client for past contract/freelance assignments do not qualify.

Referral forms for talent and business referrals must be submitted prior to the placement of the Talent to qualify. Valid for new business leads and talent referrals submitted and placed on or after November 1, 2011. Aquent/Vitamin T reserves the right to modify, cancel, or revoke this plan at any time at its sole discretion. Aquent/Vitamin T management reserves the right of final approval on valid referrals.