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Meet The Team

At Aquent, we believe having the right people makes all the difference and that's why our staff are our most important asset. Each member of the team plays an important role and brings something unique to the table, all collaborating to enable us to keep putting people first.

Contingent Team

Image of Emmeline Shadrach
Emmeline Shadrach

Senior Account Manager

Image of Helena Kay
Helena Kay

Talent Agent

Image of Jess Linning
Jess Linning

Talent Agent

Image of Judy Odelana
Judy Odelana

Talent Agent

Image of Ola Lichtensztein
Ola Lichtensztein

Talent Agent

Image of Pamela Wiatr
Pamela Wiatr

Talent Agent

Image of Pearl Barraclough
Pearl Barraclough

Talent Agent

Image of Shivika Upadhyay
Shivika Upadhyay

Talent Agent

Perm Team

Image of Adam Survay
Adam Survay

Talent Agent

Image of Krishna Dayal
Krishna Dayal

Perm Lead

Sales Team

Image of Gemma Rowland
Gemma Rowland

Senior Account Director

Image of Paul Kelleher
Paul Kelleher

Senior Account Director

Support Team

Image of Amit Chowdhury
Amit Chowdhury

Europe & Global Support Team Lead

Image of Ben Morgan
Ben Morgan

Financial Accountant

Image of Faizah Lunat
Faizah Lunat

Operations Lead

Image of Karen Brandle
Karen Brandle

Operations Lead

Image of Natalie Candler
Natalie Candler

European Payroll Manager

Image of Thomas Clarke
Thomas Clarke

Europe IT Support Engineer

Image of Zainab Lunat
Zainab Lunat

Operations Administrator

Marketing Team

Image of Ben Kinkaid
Ben Kinkaid

Marketing Manager, UK & Europe

Image of Lou Matrat
Lou Matrat

Marketing Intern, UK and Europe

Image of Narimane Mokadem
Narimane Mokadem

Operations Manager

Leadership Team

Image of Aliza Sweiry
Aliza Sweiry

Managing Director, UK

Image of Bee Wilkins
Bee Wilkins

HR Director

Image of Georgia Dennis-Keen
Georgia Dennis-Keen

Head of UK Operations

Image of Monika Pflicke
Monika Pflicke

UK Head of Recruitment

Image of Paul James
Paul James

European Finance Director