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Eighty seven percent of companies say they have a skills gap

Aquent’s Gymnasium program offers free online, video-based courses in digital design, web development and user experience.

“It was born out of one of the core visions and values of the company itself: lifelong learning.”


McKinsey & Company reported that eighty seven percent of companies say they have a skills gap now or will within a few years, that is, a mismatch between open positions and workers with the right skills to fill them. It's an issue the team at Aquent Gymnasium has been tackling head on since 2013. Gymnasium's Program Director, Andrew Miller told the Staffing Industry Review, “In our business, falling behind on skills can be a real dead end.” Which is why his team offers classes ranging from short, five-minute videos to longer-form ones with three to six hours of video instruction — often completed over days or weeks — to anyone, anywhere in the world for free. Gymnasium has taught approximately 140,000 people and gained upwards of 200 new students per day during the peak of the pandemic.

This article originally appeared on Staffing Industry Review.

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