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Remote creative & marketing teams outperform onsite teams 

While some leaders push for a return to the office, teams with the freedom to work remotely ultimately perform better.

“66% of remote teams are identified as high performing compared to only 47% of onsite teams.”

Aquent 2023 Talent Insights Report

A news article from Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), the global research and advisory firm focused on staffing and workforce solutions, highlighted some of the findings revealed in Aquent's 2023 Talent Insight Report. The report, which is based on responses from over 5000 professionals, shows that the highest-performing teams embrace remote work, value and seek out diversity, and are open to innovation and new technologies, such as AI. Also, according to the report, remote work creates more opportunities for everyone to feel valued and included in the workplace. Conversely, onsite mandates limit diversity by alienating working parents, ethnically diverse employees and employees with disabilities. The report also found that 96% of high-performing teams are very or moderately effective at adapting to change and embracing innovation such as artificial intelligence, compared to 73% of low- to moderately performing teams.

This article originally appeared on Staffing Industry Analysts.

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