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Revamping the interview process means prioritising candidates for success

How companies can embrace hiring-process strategies that deliver a great experience for their candidates—and future employees.

“Your interview and hiring process is your candidates' first impression of your company. By streamlining the process, companies can ensure the impression is a good one—and secure the best candidate for the job every time.”

Jessica Gross Director of Marketing, Aquent

In a Greenhouse survey of 1,500 employees last year, nearly half of all respondents reported rejecting job offers after negative interview experiences. In today's competitive labor market, that's unacceptable. Aquent's Director of Marketing, Jessica Gross, contributed an article to HR Daily Advisor that maps out how companies can revamp their interview and hiring process to attract and hire skilled candidates who align with their culture. According to Gross, the entire process should be an inclusive team effort. Companies can start by empowering current employees to review job postings to make sure they accurately reflect the skills and experience required for a role. Once a candidate applies, the interview process should be efficient, expedient, and productive. Panel interviews, which involve a diverse group of interviewers in the room or on a video call, should be considered. Interviewers can also create a structured interview guide around the job description that evaluates the skills, experience, and competencies of each candidate. This structure can help combat unconscious bias that can lead to snap judgments based on appearance or other factors. The current labor market is challenging for employers. Embracing interview and hiring strategies that prioritise candidates is one way for companies to stand out and compete for the best talent.

This article originally appeared on HR Daily Advisor.

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