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Salary growth in marketing and creative industries set to slow in 2023

The growth of wages in marketing and creative jobs are slowing as the industry “rebalances” post-pandemic.

“It is promising to see that although the job market boom experienced in 2021 has not exactly repeated itself in the past year, the marketing and creative industries are still performing brilliantly and there are plenty of opportunities for growth.”


Roles in user experience saw huge wage growth during the pandemic, with the salary for a handful of senior roles increasing by 50% in 2021. However, the pandemic “bubble” seems to have burst, with the wages for a number of roles declining. User experience designers are most affected, with a 33% drop in salary (equivalent to £40,000) for for those in senior roles, a 12.5% fall (£10,000) for midweight positions and an 11% drop (£5,000) for junior roles.

Meanwhile, events staff saw wages rise in 2022. Senior event managers saw their salary increase by 9% (equivalent to £5,000) while junior and midweight event managers observed a 28.5% jump (£10,000).

The research finds many organisations are also hesitant to hire junior staff into marketing and creative roles in the current economic environment. Instead they tend to be looking for more experienced workers who require less onboarding, which can be challenging to conduct in a hybrid workplace.

Aquent UK Managing Director Aliza Sweiry says the wage figures represent a return to a more “normal” salary raise environment.

This article originally appeared on Marketing Week.

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