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UX designers see pay cuts as other design sectors grow in 2022

Recruitment data from 2022 shows a “rebalancing” of in-demand sectors such as UX and a hesitancy to recruit junior designers.

“This may be a challenging time for junior employees to make their debut in the job market but showing off the skills they bring to the table will definitely help them stand out and make their mark.”


A stabilising jobs market is signifying the end of a pandemic recruitment “bubble”, according to new data from global recruitment agency Aquent, based on its design placements made in the UK in the past year.

Aquent's annual salary guide shows that as the job market stabilises, with a slow-down from the “hiring frenzy” of 2021, normal levels of salary growth are being recorded for most sectors.

Exceptions are UX design, which saw a significant pay cut compared to 2021's sharp rise, while economic uncertainty and remote working are causing hesitancy in hiring junior talent.

Yet the report also cautions that despite showing growth, inflation reaching 9.6%, according to ONS data, means that “many marketing and creative talents are seeing real-term pay cuts”.

This article originally appeared on Design Week.

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