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Work different.
Work better.

As a global work solutions company, Aquent helps guide businesses toward the talent, technology, and services they need to create a better future of work.

Hire the talent you need, any way you want.

Aquent Talent

The global leader in talent and recruiting for marketing, creative, and development. From urgent, remote freelance designers to full-time permanent director-level hires, we match the right people to the right roles and build relationships that help talent and companies thrive.


Aquent Payroll Services

A premium payroll services solution to manage and retain the strongest contingent workforce. We take ownership of the end-to-end employment relationship, simplifying the process for our clients and talent.

Work Smarter

Aquent Studios

A global co/creation agency built on a new model of engagement. We take partnerships further by enabling and empowering brands and crafting human-centred experiences together. We deliver scale, speed, and efficiency, and extend in-house teams' capacity, capabilities, and operations.


Aquent RoboHead

A project management solution designed specifically for in-house marketing and creative teams that helps them focus on people, deadlines, and creative deliverables.

Drive Productivity

Aquent Scout Icon
Aquent Scout

The most powerful, intuitive total talent acquisition platform. We use intelligent recruiter matching to increase your access to talent and fill permanent and contingent jobs faster.


Aquent Gymnasium

An online learning platform that offers free courses taught by industry experts in web design and development, user experience, accessibility, prototyping, content creation, and career skills.


Client Successes

Google doesn't use an algorithm to find great talent. They use us.

Client Success

Over 400 Aquent talent have been placed in 15 Google divisions across North America, Asia, and Europe, including Google Play, Stadia, G-Suite, Nest, and Google Maps. We provide teams with UX Researchers and Designers, Producers, Video Editors, Content Strategists, Editors, PMs, and more.

Aquent Talent
Google – Find Talent

At Facebook, talent really like our benefits.

Client Success

Wanting to address benefits inequality among contingent workers, Facebook turned to us to help develop and implement a solution. Five years later, talent at Facebook applaud their generous benefits program and the sense of fairness it has created.

Aquent Payroll Services
Facebook – Payroll

Merck's digital agency spending had to be slashed with no side effects.

Client Success

Global pharmaceutical giant Merck supports 40+ brands and too many agencies. Aquent Studios assembled a design execution team, on-site and off-site, cutting costs but maintaining quality.

Aquent Studios
Merck – Streamlining