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Person having a video interview on their laptop

7 Key Interview Questions to ask Candidates Post-Pandemic

By: Aquent

LAST UPDATED: April 7, 2023

In addition to the questions you would normally ask in an interview, here are some suggestions for interview questions specific to post-pandemic hiring and remote working, that whether you are video interviewing or face-to-face, will help you to get the best hire. 

  1. Can you give me a case study or example of when you have been successful working with a remote manager or completed a successful project remotely? 

  2. How have you adapted your communication during this period of remote working? 

  3. What have you struggled with most and what have you done to deal with these challenges? 

  4. How do you keep yourself productive and motivated while working from home? 

  5. Have there been some positives? 

  6. How would you ideally wish to balance working from home / office based work moving forward? 

  7. If you have had any time off (redundant or furloughed), how have you used this time? Have you enrolled in any training courses? Picked up any new hobbies?

Treat a video interview as you would a face-to-face interview. You should fully prepare beforehand and ensure you have a quiet space to conduct the call. You need to make sure your appearance and setting is professional, let other people in your home know you have an important meeting and not to disturb you. Make sure you don’t have any distractions, if you are trying to multitask or aren’t focussed then you will come across as uninterested to the candidate. 

Have a business strategy about what you are looking for from an interview, how will different stages of the interviews elicit information to help you to understand how and what an individual will bring to a role. Have a matrix with your colleagues to make sure you are covering all areas you need to know about to measure fairly across the talent pool. Also an interview is a two way street for potential hires to discover more about your business and get excited about the opportunity, take time to listen and discover with them what they like about the opportunity.

And remember, candidates are usually excited by a challenge. If your business isn't doing so well, if product performance isn't quite there, if digital transformation still needs to happen, and if internal capabilities need to improve and expand — these are all ways to entice people to be part of the change. It's far better to be honest about the current state of play and attract people to facilitate growth, than to say everything is perfect and you're just here to keep the lights on!