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Put it to the Panel: the Future of UX and CX

CX, UX, & COVID — Hear What Industry Leaders Are Saying

By: Aquent

LAST UPDATED: April 7, 2023

In August, our partner brand Vitamin T got into a virtual room with Kathryn Campbell, Director of Research and Insights at Ticketmaster; Lisa Dance, Founder and UX Designer at Service Ease; Rob Huddleston, UX/Design Director at Capital One; and Jeremy Milbourne-Clarke, Head of Product Design and Experience at the NFL; and Abdul Suleiman, Chief Experience Officer at UX 4Sight for our latest Put It to the Panel event, The Future of UX & CX.

The goal? Get into their heads and pass along the gems to you. Spoiler: There are a lot of gems. 

Check out these highlights from the talk then watch the entire webinar replay to find out how these leaders are using UX and CX to adapt to a world changed by COVID-19 and what it might mean for our future of business.

Good Things Can Come from Stress

Kathryn Campbell from Ticketmaster told the audience, “This has been a huge stress test. We had 38,000 events canceled in one month.” But she explains, “We got a lot of insight into suboptimal performance of our customer service center…It’s a great way to focus on your friction points.”

Take Advantage of Technology…but Carefully

Lisa Dance of Service Ease cautioned that AI or voice technology could have problematic data sets that can’t recognise certain people’s voices or the way that they communicate. Considering our current pandemic, she said, “We need to look at the ethics and the impact of the things that we’re doing. People are going to be in very vulnerable situations financially, emotionally, and we want to make sure that we’re not doing any harm with the things we do.”

Survival Skills

For survival, Jeremy Milbourne-Clarke told us, “a positive mental attitude is key.” He also identified the need for skills like the ability to prototype or survey quickly, and being able to adapt and flex as learnings pour in, so they can be baked into the product design. He called the teamwork behind the scenes in the NFL right now “huge,” saying he’s talking to more people than ever as they work together to answer the question, “How do you actually make a fan extremely happy digitally when they can’t be there physically?” 

And he also cites having skills like the ability to prototype or survey quickly, and being able to adapt and flex as learnings pour in, so they can be baked into the product design. 

Google is Wise

Recently Google announced that in 2021 user experience is going to factor into their rankings. Rob Huddleston at Capital One commented that it’s similar to when Google really pushed for mobile-first design when it ranked responsive sites higher. “If you are part of an organisation where design or customer experience/user experience isn’t as influential as you want, this is your opportunity to really set fire to the organisation and say these experiences do matter.”

Be sure to watch the entire replay of our Put It to the Panel webinar to get every last detail from our panelists. We’ll be hosting more events in the future and blogging about many of the user experience and customer experience questions the panelists didn’t have time to answer.

Watch the Webinar Recording Now