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Our Global Tips on Spending Time Productively at Home


LAST UPDATED: April 7, 2023

We are all in a period of staying at home, some working and some not, but most of us will have a little more time on our hands. The question is what to do with it (aside from watching Netflix)!!

Our Aquent teams from across the world have collated some suggestions, to keep you busy, stay creative and get you in the best possible place for when we return to ‘normal’. 


United Kingdom:

Work on your personal brand

Your personal brand is a way of marketing yourself to prospective employers. It provides you with the opportunity to communicate your value to the right people in a credible compelling way. Your online presence and digital footprint contribute to your brand, as does your career history, portfolio of work and even your personal interests. Your personal brand is an ongoing process of establishing your name and principles to the wider world. More tips on creating your personal brand here


The Netherlands:

Use your skills to help others

Why not see if your creative skills can be offered to support any local businesses that are finding it tough. You never know what could come from it in the future and it is a great additional to your portfolio. Or why not use your skills to help a nonprofit, Volunteer Match and Taproot Foundation are both good examples of websites that connect nonprofits with volunteers who have specific skill sets. You could also enter our Designing for Good competition which could see you win one of three grants worth $10,000 to work with your favourite non-profit.



Work on your CV & portfolio

One of the most time consuming aspects of any job hunt is getting your CV up to date, and creating one that stands out from the crowd can be tough. Your CV is the best tool you have to sell your skills, experience and qualities to a prospective employer. It can take time to do it properly and get it right, the same goes for your portfolio, so now is the perfect time to do it! 

In France, we are running sessions everyday where Talent can register for a 15 min catch up with a recruiter to discuss their CV, portfolio tips and discussions on the job market. Many of our other offices will have agents available to talk with you, so get in touch with your local Aquent office if you need help. 



Learn a new skill

Many are taking this time to learn how to speak a new language or start a new hobby. But why not learn some new skills to help you in your working life too. We have Aquent Gymnasium, which offers free, online courses designed to teach creative, digital and marketing professionals in-demand skills. All courses are taught by industry professionals and will earn you a certification. In addition to the full courses there are also Gym Shorts and Take 5 videos that offer you a way of upskilling in less time. Check out the full list of courses covering web development, design, user experience, and content creation here



Start blogging (or vlogging!)

Why not have a go at publishing your own content on Linkedin or creating your own blog. Blogging has become a hugely popular way for people to communicate and share information online, but also a great way to express yourself, show some personality and build your personal brand. Find something that you are passionate about, or that you have an opinion on, and get writing. If writing isn’t your thing, then you can try vlogging instead. Always try to go for quality over quantity, post consistently and remember, the more you do it, the better you’ll be!



Update your social profile

In the age of social media, your profile matters! Not only is it a great way to network but also a valuable tool to promote yourself to prospective employers. Hiring managers now use social networking sites to screen their candidates and some even claim to have rejected a candidate based on inappropriate posts, so it’s really important to make sure your social media persona shows you in the best light. Now is the time to get your profiles up to scratch, connect with the right people and get posting! More tips for perfecting your social presence here.