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The MarTech industry is evolving very quickly and many companies are struggling to keep up with the changes. We’ve created the MarTech Portal to help you make sense of it all. Download the whitepaper, read some blog posts or check out the infographic - and if you need more information just get in touch.

MarTech WhitePapers

The Ultimate MarTech Hiring Guide

Considering how fast the MarTech landscape is evolving, trying to find the right person when the roles and technology keep changing is challenging, to say the least.

Download our Ultimate MarTech Hiring Guide to discover the secrets to finding, interviewing and hiring the best marketing technology talent.

Find out:

  • The most common MarTech roles, responsibilities and deliverables
  • How to find the best candidates
  • Determining the kind of MarTech pros you need
  • How to interview and evaluate candidates
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Mastering Martech Infographic

How does your marketing team stack up?

In just the past three years, the number of marketing technology solutions has grown 468%, to well over 5,000 distinct products. It’s a field that’s moving fast, leaving many companies struggling to keep up with this rapid pace of change.

Check out our new Mastering MarTech infographic to find out more about the state of marketing technology and the people you need to power your marketing.

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Martech Blogs

Behind The Buzzword: What Is MarTech?

MarTech is more than just a trending buzzword amongst CMOs and CIOs. See how MarTech is improving marketing efforts exponentially. Read More.


The marketing technology landscape is continually changing, and it moves so quickly, it even has it’s own super-efficient nickname: MarTech. Read More.

Don’t Search for a Digital Marketing Unicorn – Do This Instead

Looking for one person who can synthesize marketing strategy, technology, and data and create marketing miracles is a mistake. Read More.

Staying Current in MarTech: Training Resources For Your Team

We've rounded up some of the best resources to keep your MarTech skills up to date. Read More.

How to Hire a Marketing Technologist

Check out our tips for hiring the right marketing technology specialist. Read More.

The 5 Most Important Soft Skills of a Marketing Technologist

Find out the five soft skills a marketing technologist needs to succeed. Read More.


While the role of Marketing Technology Manager is relatively new, the skills required have been in demand for a long time. Read More.

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