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Aquent’s Staffing and Recruiting Business and Vitamin T Brand Become “Aquent Talent” To Address High Demand for Specialised Remote Workers

World’s largest marketing and creative staffing firm revamping to provide targeted career and job search guidance for industry-specific needs.

Aquent, the global work solutions company, announced today that its talent and recruiting business and its Vitamin T brand will together become Aquent Talent. Vitamin T has been a powerhouse in recruitment since its 2011 launch, staffing brands such as Indeed, Atlassian, and Stitch Fix. This shift to Aquent Talent is the next evolution in Aquent's continued leadership in the talent placement and acquisition marketplace.

The restructure will position Aquent Talent as the talent and recruiting arm of Aquent LLC alongside Aquent StudiosAquent RoboHeadAquent ScoutAquent Employer of Record, and Aquent Gymnasium. Together, they form a comprehensive set of solutions, including specialty recruiting, talent experience, creative strategy, project management, and training and upskilling to improve team performance, productivity, creative skills and capabilities, and brand and customer experience.

“Our Aquent Talent transformation is just another step in the evolution of the Aquent brand,” said John H. Chuang, CEO of Aquent. “We have always been industry leaders in many workplace movements, from being the first staffing firm to offer comprehensive benefits to talent to adopting a virtual-first work approach that will enable us to become carbon neutral within the next year. In this next phase, Aquent Talent builds upon our history as a leader in staffing and recruitment and enables us to match the right talent to the right clients even more quickly.”

Aquent Talent's business model brings creative talent support and connections to the forefront. Highly specialized recruiters, organized around key practice areas including Marketing, Creative, Experience Design, Content, and Metaverse & Development, will be able to leverage their expertise to match talent skill sets with client needs. Using this approach, talent will get connected to more opportunities across a range of industries, and clients will have access to a deeper network of skilled candidates from around the world. In addition, Aquent's new Talent Care team will offer targeted career and job search guidance to enhance the talent experience.

“This is much more than just a change in name. Moving forward, we can continue to focus on what has always mattered most to us: our people. Aquent Talent will be better positioned to align talent with specialised recruiters who understand the ins and outs of their field,” said Rohshann Pilla, President of Aquent Talent. “As we look toward the future of our hiring landscape, Aquent Talent enables us to effectively and efficiently match talent to the right opportunities.”

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