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Aquent Payroll Services

We care for your payrolled talent like you care for your employees.

Our Payroll Services provide a premium talent experience to help you attract and retain the strongest freelance workforce. Let Aquent payroll your pre-identified candidates as our employees — risk-free. Managing the employment relationship end-to-end, we streamline and simplify the process for both clients and talent, including onboarding, payroll and benefits, making sure talent are satisfied and supported — mitigating co-employment risk, and handling all compliance and record-keeping responsibilities.

With Aquent Payroll Services, you're the employer of choice.

Benefits of Payroll Services

  • Self-source your contingent talent without needing to employ them directly.
  • Re-engage talent you've worked with before (past contractors, alumni, etc.) without the commitment of added headcount.
  • Seamlessly onboard, employ, and offboard larger groups of talent for surge needs.
  • Mitigate risks that come along with using contractors for your temporary talent needs.

Here's how it works.

Recruit talent any way you like

Use any recruiting method—pre-identified candidates, direct sourcing, referrals, alumni, retirees, interns, etc.

Employ talent through us

We become the employer of record, offering premium employee benefits, ongoing training, and exceptional talent care.

Onboard quickly and easily

Dedicated Onboarding Specialists complete hiring requirements, customised onboarding, and orientation to start talent within three days.

Measure success and optimize

We frequently assess assignments, engagement and retention, redeployment, and KPIs, innovating the program to achieve the best results.

Why Aquent Payroll Services?

Your Talent

Enlist skilled Talent in situations where a full-time permanent hire is not the right fit (e.g. headcount restrictions, variable work pipeline, short-term projects).

Our Talent care

Offer Talent our award-winning customer service and complete HR support — from onboarding to benefits, to ongoing employee relations and professional development.

Pilot or scale up

Implement for a single employee, a team, or across your entire organisation.

Mitigate your risk

Employ your Talent under a compliant engagement structure to mitigate your risk against co-employment, casual loading leave entitlements and permanent hiring obligations.

Work Health & Safety

As a provider of Talent, we understand the importance of working with all stakeholders to achieve our safety objectives. We are committed to continual improvement of safety performance and the elimination of workplace injury and illness.

Global capabilities

Geography is not a barrier, no matter where your talent are located. Through our network of global offices and alliances, we can employ talent in 165+ countries worldwide.

Quick onboarding

Put Talent to work quickly with our fast, seamless verification and background screening process. When you have the Talent, we're ready to hire them.

Positive offboarding

Our offboarding process ensures that as contracts end and the talent leaves your business, they remain a positive influence for your company.


Your online MyAquent Client portal means you can instantly access the information and reporting you need at any time.

Client Successes

Our talent help Sephora maintain digital experiences that are beautiful inside and out.

Client Success

Sephora is the #1 specialty beauty brand with over 2,500 stores in 32 countries. A constant, curated stream of talent from Aquent helps it deliver omnichannel experiences to digitally-immersed consumers. Now, online sales outpace in-store sales.

Aquent Talent
Sephora – Talent Stream

Customising an arsenal of talent care programs for Halo developer, 343 Industries.

Client Success

While we focus on providing support for onboarding talent, delivering premium benefits, and career development programs, 343 Industries focuses on doing what they do best—overseeing one of the most epic game franchises in history, Halo.

Aquent Payroll Services
343 Industries – Halo

Revlon makes beauty products. Our talent help make their communications beautiful.

Client Success

In just nine months, we recruited 12 permanent employees for Revlon, including a Community Manager for the Almay brand, a Senior Manager for PR and Influencer Marketing, and the Senior Global Marketing Manager behind the launch of new brands.

Aquent Talent
Revlon – Brand Support

Audi is shifting its digital performance into high gear with Aquent talent.

Client Success

Audi and turned to our Digital Strategists to improve the online performance of 300+ dealers. The team is moving the dial for digital capture and demand, after-sales marketing, online retail, and lead management.

Aquent Talent
Audi – Dealers

3,689 miles from Paris, L'Oréal had to find big talent in small town America.

Client Success

L'Oreal's organic, vegan, sustainable brand Seed Phytonutrients gave us a formidable challenge: find local social media community managers who could attract influencers and build tribes. The results? Magnifique!

Aquent Talent
Loreal – Social Community Managers