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Reports & Guides

Providing valuable insights relating to the changing nature of the digital workforce.

We make it our mission to give our clients and Talent valuable insights, reports and resources to help navigate their way through the changing needs of the marketing, creative and development industry.

Employee Experience 3.0 Report

Part 3: Decoding the Future of Pay

From on-demand pay, to cryptocurrency and NFTs, salary preferences are changing fast. Decoding the Future of Pay is the final instalment of our 3-part series into the Future of Work.


Part 2: Getting Versed in the Metaverse

Take a glimpse into the future of work. Explore the future of work in the metaverse, unpack why it's so important that employers have a metaverse strategy and get access to actionable insights and recommendations.


Part 1: Creating a Workplace That Works

Learn about the rise of digital nomads, employee preferences and concerns about hybrid and remote work, and insights to create an employee experience that meets the needs of Talent now and in the future.


Other Resources

How to Build & Maintain Your Creative Team

A ‘how to' guide on all you could ever want to know when looking to source, build and maintain a strong creative team. Including writing amazing job descriptions, matching salaries, giving great employee feedback and finding your leadership style. 


Getting a Job – All You Could Ever Want To Know!

We have created a ‘how to' guide on all you could ever want to know when searching for your next job. From making sure you're earning the right salary, to getting your CV in order, to smashing your interview – and everything in between.


Improving Diversity in the Workplace

With extensive insight from the team at The Diversity Partnership, our Best Practice Guide is equally relevant for those seeking to make meaningful changes in their business for the first time, and individuals who are well-versed DEI advocates.


How To Get Started With Digital Accessibility

Accessibility is a critical and often-overlooked element of digital design. This guide is an introduction to digital accessibility, including whose responsibility it is, the skills you need in a hire and the steps you can take to improve your accessibility.


Tips and Tricks for Interviewing Candidates

Everyone knows the basics, but what can you do to really level up your interview process? Our expert's guide covers everything from varying types and techniques, to the ways you can evaluate candidates and avoid expensive mistakes. 


Diversity Business Toolkit: Shift Your DEI Efforts

The stats are clear. Diversity makes good business sense. But when you're making moves to create a more diverse workplace, it's not always easy to shift your DEI efforts into the next phase. Get three actionable downloads from diversity recruitment expert Jenn Tardy and educator Kate Slater.

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How To Find & Secure Top Perm Candidates

There's a lot to think about when looking to hire a perm candidate but don't worry, we have over 35 years' experience matching our clients with the right talent for their needs. We've created this guide to help you through every stage of the process.


Mind Your Manners: A Guide to Workplace Etiquette

Some of the more subjective aspects of the working world often go unspoken about. Well, no more! We're here to talk about all the things people do at work that they really shouldn't. From ghosting to gossiping, and pulling a sickie to procrastinating, this is our guide to office etiquette and how to manage it.


The Digital Marketing Hiring Guide

Learn how to transform your team, your brand, and your marketing program results with the new Digital Marketing Hiring Guide. Includes the essential skills needed for a modern marketing team with guidance on how to spot and hire the best talent.


How to Hire and Retain the Best UX Talent

Does your company find it challenging to source and hire qualified User Experience professionals? Do you want to know how to retain and motivate them once you have them? If so, we have 2 free downloadable guides that have all the information you could want.