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Illustration of briefcase that says job on it, with height and length dimensions

Job hunting. What's changed?


LAST UPDATED: April 7, 2023

Job hunting in today's market. What’s changed? Well, everything and nothing.

The likelihood is, is that if you didn’t like your job two months ago, you still won't be loving it now. And although it would be ill-advised to hand in your resignation without having a job to go to, this time at home could perhaps afford you more flexibility in your job search than if you were in the office full-time. Conversations with recruiters can be more freely had, web research more easily conducted and maybe, just maybe you’ll have time to really think about what you want to do.

Here are some tips to keep things moving:

Power Hour

Why not try to carve out an hour each day to dedicate to your job search whilst you're at home. It can be hard to get motivated, so dedicating a set period of time each day can get you focussed. 

CV honing

Make sure your CV is up to scratch. Is it up to date, it is clear and concise, does it sell you? And please no photographs! 

It’s good to talk

Network, network and then network some more. Find the hidden opportunities in those conversations. Ask questions.

Growth industries

Factor in growth industries to your target list. What companies are doing well at the moment and/or showing resilience at this time?

Be targeted in your approach

Write a list of the companies you want to work for and keep a record of who you have applied to.

Consider freelancing

Look into setting yourself up as a freelancer, if companies can't afford a yearly salary at this time, they might consider hiring you on a project basis. 

It’s back to basics, but there’s no reason to put your job hunting strategies on hold along with your social life. Have a plan, follow it and you’ll be in a stronger position to get the job you want when this madness ends.