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Tips & Tricks for the Resourcing Elite


DATE: February 24, 2020

A Resourcer is a brand ambassador. They’re first point-of-contact, trained to sniff out talent, and often highly persuasive. They’re innovative – creatively utilising whatever tools they have at hand to make connections. Curious and insightful… how else could they possess a deep understanding of competitor landscapes and market intel? These people are integral to the recruitment industry, but that isn’t the only place that they matter.

In the agency world, a Resourcer supports a Recruiter. The role has become highly developed with a skillset including (but not limited to) data analysis, research, and copywriting. It was once an entry point into recruitment, supporting with administrative and time-consuming elements of the process. Now, experience in the Resourcing sector offers talented individuals the opportunity to scale internally – taking on new roles in highly-esteemed companies like Facebook or Google. 

Our own partnership with blue chip companies has shown that internal Resourcers have a solid career trajectory; building out talent sourcing teams, prospect sourcing, pipelining, market-mapping, and training/capability building. Not only this, but their insight into hot topics like diversity and inclusion hiring, unconscious bias, and retention makes them even more valuable. We’re seeing big businesses cash in on those data analytics and research skills that come with an experienced Resourcer, marking them as indispensable assets.

When we spoke to Resourcers already working with our FTSE 100 clients about how they set themselves apart, it was obvious that old-school recruitment methods like job boards weren’t the way forward. In essence the overwhelming message was “How do you expect LinkedIn Recruiter to work if that’s what everyone else is using?”. They revealed that the tech community is more sceptical than most when it comes to recruitment, and spamming their social media isn’t helping that. Quincy Larson, Founder of freeCodeCamp, writes in his blog about LinkedIn being an empire that supplies Recruiters with the chance to compete in a spamming arms race that ultimately drives people to delete their accounts to escape! 

Conversations like these highlight the need for customised outreach and progressive sourcing techniques. Resourcers should be getting creative and considering alternatives like GitHub, Stack Overflow, X-Ray searches, events, and lastly alternative social media.

And finally, going above and beyond what’s expected – playing the numbers game can highlight to prospective opportunities that a Resourcer truly knows what they are doing. To really impress a stakeholder, have communicable stats to hand. Prove that you can learn from experiences, whether that’s through your outreach versus response rate, your interview to placement ratio, or just rough analysis of what does and doesn’t work. Doing this will hammer home just how much of an asset you can be.

So before you make that transition into a Recruiter role, think about exactly what opportunities you’re leaving behind. Consider yourself part of the resourcing elite? How about getting in touch to find out exactly what resourcing progression looks like…