1. Presentation
- Check what is in the background behind you and that it’s appropriate
- Pay attention to your clothes; dress as you would for an interview
- Don’t sit too close to the screen

2. Surroundings
- Make sure you have eliminated noise around you including pets and children
- Turn your phone off
- Try not to use your mobile phone since cell connections can be inconsistent.

3. Preparation
- Have a glass of water next to you
- Have a pen and paper or digital note taking device ready
- Triple check that your video service works before your scheduled call

4. Communication
- Keep eye contact with your interviewer
- Take pauses when talking and don’t rush
- Show some personality; small talk is good

5. Focus
- Close your email program so you aren’t distracted whilst talking
- Stick to your time slot; be on time and don’t waffle on
- If you are sharing screens, don’t have anything personal on your background

Have tips of your own on how to make sure your next video interview is a winner? Please share!