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An Expert Interview with a Design Developer for Microsoft

An Expert Interview with a Design Developer for Microsoft

Keeping in touch with international markets is something we have been doing for years. With Aquent offices in the Netherlands, France, America, Japan, and Australia, we love to learn what other regions are doing and share knowledge on trends and insights.

To continue our Digital Expert series, we spoke to Kham Udom, design developer at Microsoft in Seattle. Kham shares with us industry tips to succeed in the user experience developer world.

Can you tell us a little about what you do?

I am a Design Developer for Microsoft specialising in bringing to life design for the User Interface and User Experience on the Xbox One. Before coming to Microsoft, I worked as a 3D Environment Artist for 12 years in the gaming industry. Now I help designers and engineers bridge the gap in bringing the UI and UX to life on the Xbox. I worked within the Windows Phone team for a little under a year. I was later hired on by the Xbox team to help create the Xbox One.

Can you us give three tips to succeed within the design UX development world?

1. Be a team player. A great team needs someone who is reliable and willing to jump in and help when needed. When everyone in the team has this mind set, it makes the work environment more enjoyable to be in, because they can all count on one another.

2. Be flexible. Sometimes the project never goes the way you expect it to. So when you are flexible and nimble, you’re ready to make any changes to the work. Sometimes you may need to fix something that would take four days in one day.

3. Be willing to learn. In this field and any other software-related fields, technology is always changing and growing. It doesn't matter if you are a designer or a developer — you should always be learning and understanding the industry. The product you create can also be evolved to be better. 

How do you see your job evolving in the coming years?

The design development team is still a new group; I don't know of any other company that has this type of group except for Microsoft. By proving the importance of having design developers becoming integrated into a project, we can continue to help designers implement and polish their vision in the product. We can also give the engineering team the ability to focus on making features work and not have to worry about how things look. 

Any chance you can tell us about your next big project at Microsoft?

The Xbox One is still the big project. It was just released in November of 2013. Currently I am helping address a lot of customer feedback and implementing ways to continually evolve the Xbox One product.

Follow Kham on Twitter: @khamudom

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