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Announcing the Winners of the In-house Design Awards 2018

By Jennie Kitchin


On 7th November, Make Your Words Work™ brought us the In-house Design Awards 2018. Here at Aquent, we were lucky enough not only to attend the winner’s party but to sponsor the event, for the 6th year running.

The awards have established themselves as a key feature in the calendar of in-house design teams across the country. They are the only UK awards that celebrate the greatness of in-house teams and help them earn the recognition they deserve.

“The awards are getting bigger and better every year! When judging, I love seeing the case study histories and narrative behind each project, really seeing what the day to day work looked like to get to this point and how teams worked together. The awards span so many different sectors - charity, retail, entertainment, leisure, travel, media and commodities to name just a few - which means we get to see an incredibly vast and diverse array of projects and work. They are an amazing way to get recognition for your team and share your successes, not only within your business but also with the wider world. I am a massive advocate for in-house teams and the great work they do, and the In-house Design Awards really do give them the opportunity to shine!” Sarah Ellis-Jones, Team Lead at Aquent & Vitamin T, Judge at The In-house Awards 2018

We are pleased to announce the winners.

Best Project Award - OLIVER/The Guardian

This award was launched to recognise project based work undertaken by in-house teams.


OLIVER/The Guardian - Soulmates

“Great copywriting that was obviously very effective. Very much on-brand for the Guardian!”


Shortlist Finalists:

Anthony Nolan - Hero Project

National Trust - Places That Make Us

MediaCom - Powering Progress

On The Beach - Creating The Perfect Holiday

Best Internal Rebrand - Pentland Brands

This award was launched to recognise the in-house teams who have played a key role in the successful development, execution and role out of their company’s new brand identity.


Pentland Brands - New Identity

“Exciting and fresh rebrand for a forward thinking business.”


Shortlist Finalists:

Chapman Taylor - Company Rebrand

Mr Lees - In-House Re-brand

Scope - Rebrand

Titan Travel - Brand Development

Impact on the Overall Business - MediaCom

This award was set up as an opportunity for in-house design teams to demonstrate their design talents and business impact.



“Hard to argue with a campaign that ended up winning the account! Overall very professionally done. Pulling together so much information for a task like this must have been a challenge.”


Shortlist Finalists:

On The Beach

Mr Lees

Pentland Brands

Chapman Taylor

Best Example of Internal Collaboration within the Business - On The Beach

This award was launched to acknowledge the partnerships and collaboration with other divisions of a business which is often required by in-house teams.


On The Beach

“Great to see design thinking applied so effectively within a business – and led by the in-house team.”


Shortlist Finalists:


Anthony Nolan

National Trust

Pentland Brands

Best Example of Collaboration with an External Agency - Anthony Nolan

This award was set up as an opportunity for in-house design teams to demonstrate how their team added value to a relationship with an external agency, and enabled the end project to have an improved outcome.


Anthony Nolan - Be A Life Saver Campaign

“Very good example of collaborative relationship with very impressive results!”


Shortlist Finalists:

Chapman Taylor - Chapman Taylor Company Website

OLIVER/The Guardian - Rebrand

Pentland Brands Ellesse - AW18 Global Campaign

MediaCom - Powering Progress

Design For Good - Royal Shakespeare Company

This award was inspired by all the great charity in-house teams.


Royal Shakespeare Company - Shakespeare Learning Zone

“Impressively original and thorough re-imagining of what an educational resource can be.”


Shortlist Finalists:

Cancer Research UK - Preventable Cancer Cases

Scope - New Brand & Visual Identity

Pentland Brands - Speedo H20 Active

What’s a Great Idea? - OLIVER/The Guardian

This award was set up as an opportunity for in-house design teams to demonstrate how creative and original their design team can be.


OLIVER/The Guardian - Rebrand

“In a time when newspapers are struggling this project generated impressive results!”


Shortlist Finalists:

OLIVER/The Guardian - The Media Planner

National Trust - The Places That Make Us

Pentland Brands Ellesse - AW18 Global Campaign

Pentland Brands Canterbury - One Team Powered Up

We look forward to seeing some more amazing work for the 2019 awards.

Here at Aquent, we specialise in recruiting the best talent for your in-house design team. Contact us today to talk through your needs!

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