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Creative Mornings London: Our Thoughts on ‘Intention’

By Jennie Kitchin

Creative Mornings London: Our Thoughts on ‘Intention’

Every month Aquent & Vitamin T UK are proud to sponsor Creative Mornings London and attend their fantastic events.

This month the topic was ‘Intention’ and the speaker was David Buonaguidi, co-founder of Unltd-Inc, a creative venture company advising and investing in startups. David is one of London’s most celebrated creative minds and has worked in advertising for over 30 years. He’s also a big believer in giving back, making him the perfect fit to speak on this month’s theme.

‘Intention’ explored the concept that beautiful work is not by accident and grows from the basis of clear intention. In order to create amazing things, we must get better at setting clear intentions and the way we do so is through practice, self-awareness, feedback from friends, and learning how to show up more wholeheartedly.

David’s talk was incredibly insightful and gave us lots to think about. Here are just a few of the points he made that really stood out to us.

Don’t be afraid to say what you think!

Too many people are happy to sit by and allow things to happen around them. Have the confidence to rock the boat when you need too. The best creative work comes from challenging the norm, questioning when things seem wrong and not being afraid to do your own thing.

There are two different types of people in business, missionaries and mercenaries.

A missionary is motivated by their passions and helping others to achieve. A mercenary is more focussed on what is immediately in front of them and is driven by the money rather than a love for what they do. Strive to embody the traits of a missionary whenever possible, the key to being happy in your role is to do something you love.

The gender pay gap has become a buzz term.

It’s time to stop talking about it and actually act to make it better. Companies need to actively implement pay rises for women who are in the same roles as men, so that everything is matched based on ability and gender is not a consideration.

Keep yourself happy!

Try not to be driven solely by your financials, follow your passions. Focus on your community not just yourself. Give back!

Thanks Creative Mornings! We can’t wait to do it all again next month.

If you’d like to attend a Creative Mornings event, sign up to their newsletter for all the latest information. We’d love to chat to you over breakfast, so be sure to let us know when you’ll be there!

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