First things first. Every marketer needs our new Digital Marketing Hiring Guide, in which we detail the six key roles your team needs to join the modern age: Digital Marketing Management, Marketing Automation, Search Marketing, Digital Marketing Analytics, Content Marketing, and Social Media.

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Inherent in any serious discussion about marketing is a never-ending series of buzzwords, jargon-y creations marketers use to keep the rest of the world guessing about exactly what it is we do every day. In the latest edition of our Buzzword Alert! video series, we break down omnichannel marketing in a style you won’t find anywhere else. We guarantee it.

So what is omnichannel marketing? It’s a strategy that approaches your various channels as one broad delivery mechanism. From your website to social, email to live chat, in-app to in-store, the goal of omnichannel marketing is to create a truly seamless experience across devices and platforms.

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